Who got new shoes today?! This girl. Haven’t been able to run since I had a wisdom tooth extracted on Monday, so tomorrow I’m taking these babies out on the road. So excited. Brooks Glycerine 12.

Pics from my last 5k, Coronado Independence Day 5k. I came in 3rd Place in my Age Division

I’ve been pretty sad the last few days. My dog died suddenly. We made the awful mistake of giving her a bone to chew on without watching her or taking it away at the appropriate time and while I don’t know what happened for sure, I think that had something to do with her passing so quickly. All of a sudden she was sick, we figured we’d give it a day, and she had passed away a few hour later. I’m completely heart broken and torn up inside. Waves of guilt and and sadness come over me randomly throughout the day. I know it’s going to take a few few weeks. I can’t wait until I stop expecting to see her come around the corner or snuggling up next to me when I’m laying in bed. We’re all pretty broken up and struggling with this and I know it just takes time. R.I.P. Lily

Went to breakfast with my husband Saturday morning. Snooze for the win.

I have 2 best friends in the entire world, well I have a few more ladies that I would put into this category, but these two girls are my world. I can’t express how sad I am to be moving, and that Ashleigh left for Maine. These two girls helped me come out of my shell and become the person I am today. I’m more outgoing, confident, and social because I have them in my life. I never thought of myself as a “girls girl” until I met these two ladies. 

Who takes selfies at the gym and in the sauna? this girl. Got a great workout, and I’m starting to notice that I’m getting stronger. Lifting a little bit heavier. I’m nowhere near those buff girls, but I’ll get there… maybe not. haha.

Little 5k on the beach last week. Ran with my friend and it ended up being the slowest 5k I’ve done in forever. But we had a good time. It was challenging and even though some people quit on the first lap, we did not. Good times.

baby muscle