I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like running. I felt like staying in my bed all day under the covers watching tv and napping. So instead of pushing myself to do the 6-7 mile loop around the island, I took my time and went to accomplish a few errands before my counseling appointment. Got a cup of coffee and exchanged my bottles and cans for change. I should have dropped off the clothes I wanted to donate, but I hadn’t thought about it before I left. Apparently I’m pretty emotional lately. Who knew. 

After My appointment I headed to the library to look for a book I need for school, couldn’t find it so I checked out two running books instead. Picked up Silas from school and then finally decided I’d feel better if I got my run in. I know that I probably won’t have time to do it tomorrow.

Warmed up for the first half mile and then kicked it into gear for the next two. I tried to go through my recent miles on flat land, but I got lazy. I’m pretty sure 8:07 is my fastest mile. Without being broken down, or me having stopped. That’s pretty awesome. The fact that I had an 8:13 and an 8:07 right next to each other, is pretty awesome to me. It shows improvement from where I was even just a few weeks ago. It makes me pretty hopeful.

After I got to 3 miles, I was pretty over it. If I had thought about it in the moment, I would have run the 4th mile at the same pace as the second 2, but I was over it and ready to stop by then. But I stuck it out and just kept my pace pretty slow and comfortable.

Glad I got over myself and did my run. Now I need to focus on some cleaning and do some work on my math course. I have Yoga class tonight. I think what really turned my day around was knowing that after my last yoga class on Tuesday, I am SO SORE. I’m sore in places that I didn’t even realize had muscles. And it was the physical challenge thing where we see where we’re at to see how far we’ve come after the class is over. So we didn’t do much actual yoga at all. And I’m so sore. I figured the run would help clear out some of the lactate stuck in there before I build up some more tonight.