Ran with Roger today at Bonita. Never been there before, and we all know that I love going to new places. Keeps life fresh. Makes the run so much more enjoyable. This run was not “enjoyable” hahahahaha. It was, but it was not easy. It was mostly a flat course, but there was some soft dirt, and a few notable hills.

I saw a few horses, and that was pretty cool. Dodged horse shit on the path. Pretty amusing.

Tried my best to keep up, apparently i start to fade after about 4 miles. It’s true, sad but true, I’m working on it. :D Maybe we go out too fast, maybe it’s the high altitude. But i’ll get better. I’m gonna go hang with them like shadows and suck in all their badassness. True story.

And it’s not so far or confusing to get to that area, better than running around here. Overall very enjoyable run. I forgot to put on sun block again. Oops! 

I kinda wanted to ride my bike after I got home, but I don’t have enough time before I need to pick up silas. And I have yoga tonight. Exciting. I’ll get to bust out my new Prana mat. See if it’s every bit of comfortable that I paid for it. Exciting!